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Protecting Your Floating Investment

At Albatross Divers, we provide a premier underwater management service. We guarantee your vessel's best performance. 

We clean & inspect every component below the waterline. Our inspection reports play a vital role in maintaining the integrity of all your underwater surfaces. 

We understand each vessel is unique; this is why we use different tools specific to each vessel.  

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Whats New

Mobile App Technology - we will begin offering a more responsive, immediate reporting service.

Inspection Reports - designed for each vessel & in-depth reporting for each component.

Customer Login - access inspection reports & easy ways to pay.


Real-Time Notifications

Detailing & Hull Cleaning

Vessel Inspection & In-Depth Reporting

Anode Monitoring & Installation

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Scheduled maintenance guarantees the condition of your hull, running gear, & anode (zinc) protection. 

Sacrificial Anodes protect your underwater metals from galvanic corrosion.

We inspect each anode during every service and offer competitive prices on installation.

Summary of Services

  • Removal of all marine growth
  • Detailed Inspection Reports
  • Anode Inspection & installation
  • Punctual Service schedules
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
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